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What are Eneloop Batteries?

Eneloops are the best rechargeable batteries ever made.

Sure that's a bold statement, but there's plenty of evidence to support it.

All Eneloops sold come fully charged, because unlike all other types of NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries, Eneloopss won't lose charge over time. That makes them perfect for casual photographers, who tend to take infrequent pictures.

Their lack of leakage, in addition to other battery technologies, makes them last a lot longer than other batteries too. An Eneloop will still hold 85% of its original capacity after two years, unlike other brands which may be down to 40% in the same time frame.

Below, I'll share my story of how I came to discover Eneloop batteries, and why I'm so excited about them.

Buy Eneloop Batteries

These batteries are, indeed, the best of both worlds: they have the power and reuse advantages of a good NiMH battery, but the slow steady discharge of an Alkaline disposable. Look no further -- this is the rechargeable you've been waiting for.
Actual Amazon Review from D. Halbrook

Where to Buy Eneloop Batteries?

Some major electronic retailors carry Eneloop batteries, and most specialty camera stores will stock this high-quality product.

Some stores have chosen to stop carrying Sanyo Eneloops. Sometimes a product works so well that retailers will stop carrying it since it hurts their profits in the long run.

To get the best price for Eneloop batteries, purchase them online.

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So Why Select Eneloop Batteries?

waste electronic batteries, headed for the landfillBatteries are the unsung heroes of mobile electronics. Think how often you use electronics powered by these stalwart soldiers. Your cell phone, mp3 player, laptop and tablet computers - as well as countless other gadgets - are powered by different types of batteries. In fact, I'm typing these words on a bluetooth keyboard running on 2 AAA eneloop batteries right now.

In recent years, we've all been spoiled by electronics that come with their own high-powered, fast charging internal battery. Think iPods, cell phones and laptop computers. Gone are the days that it's acceptable to be throwing away disposable alkalines every week to keep a walkman running. Customers are expecting more out of their batteries, which is why many are switching to Eneloop rechargables for devices running on AA and AAA batteries.

Eneloop rechargebles are the heirloom of batteries. Other makes tend to stop recharging well after less than a year, which defeats a large part of the purpose of using rechargeable batteries - saving money.

electronics retailers make most of their profit on the sales of accessories, cases, batteries, and cables.The first time I learned about Eneloops was when working in an electronics store. Now most people don't know that electronics stores make very little money on large items such as televisions and computers. They make most of their profit off of cables, accessories and -most of all- batteries. You will regularly pay 30$ for a cable that only costs the company $1.20, or 6$ for a button cell battery that costs the company less than 10 cents.

At my particular electronics, we brought in eneloop batteries - and found that over time, our sales of batteries overall actually significantly dropped. It turned out that once people bought Eneloop batteries, they didn't need to buy batteries again for a long time!

In a misguided attempt to reclaim lost battery sales, my electronics store stopped offering Eneloops for sale. I didn't stay at that store long enough to find out if sales of disposable batteries ever bounced back. I'm willing to bet that once customers switched to Eneloop rechargeables, they stopped buying disposables for good.

A few years later, in May of 2010, I built this site. Since then, this sad little site has helped thousands locate eneloop batteries online. The best deal I've found on Eneloop batteries is still, but once there's a better deal out there, you'll find it on this site.